International co-production with Ukraine

We help you find co-producers for your projects, consult how to make films with Ukraine and avoid troubles
Finding co-producers:
We are glad that you plan to make a co-production project with Ukraine and will help you find proper partners among Ukrainian film producers. Let us know who you need and we'll give options
Providing with film services:
Making any film or TV project needs a full range of services on a territory of production. Look at the offer we prepared for you and your future partners here in the link
Consulting on co-production:
How to make co-production with Ukraine, how it is financed by a Ukrainian part, if there are any cash rebates in Ukraine and many other questions we will answer before you start working locally
Guarding your interests and results:
We uncover traditions of making films and deals in Ukraine, provide transparent process of accounting to keep you away from problems and be satisfied with future results. For more click here
Let's make it!
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to discover the Ukrainian film and TV industry for our partners.
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