Rights management and protection in Ukraine

Assistance in collective management and protection of your audiovisual rights in Ukraine, in finding rightsholders and providing litigation
Collective rights management:
You are a rightsholder and would like to find a collective rights management organization in Ukraine to get royalties for usage of your audiovisual content. We will help you to find, choose and connect with a proper organization.
Protection of your rights:
Your audiovisual copyright is infringed by internet pirates or companies in Ukraine. We will help you to find lawyers or legal companies which will protect your rights.
Searching for rightsholders:
You are interested in getting rights for Ukrainian old and modern films in finding their rightsholders. We will help you to form a catalog of Ukrainian films as you desire and find their rightsholders. If you wish we can accompany a deal.
Legal consulting:
If your audiovisual content is already is used in Ukraine or you would like to sell your content to Ukraine we can consult you how your copyright must be protected here. If you plan to protect your rights in a court we can provide you with legal protection and a lawyer.
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